The TLR-6 by Streamlight is a small but bright companion to a Glock 42 or 43.  Now also available for the Glock 26/27/33, the TLR-6 sports a 100 Lumen solid beam of white light with a red laser.  Both the light and laser can be activated together or independent of one another.  An activation button is located on both the right or left sides of the light.

I found the light to be very bright and able to illuminate an area where a self defense situation could arise. The laser seems to be on-target, but it’s always hard to determine that with such a small sight radius.

This TLR-6 is attached to the Glock trigger guard with 3 small, but adequate screws.  This light is very bright and easy to activate.  The problem that I found with this device was the activation button worn pretty fast and now a strong wind will turn it on.  This is a pain for when I holster the gun, sometimes the light activates and is shinning as I walk around town.

I had an issue with the screws stripping when I took the light off and on the gun about 4 times to switch it between my G42  and G43.  I called Streamlight and they rushed me 3 more screws and another wrench which worked perfectly.

I know that there have been many youtube videos on the drop test of this light, so I did not intentionally try to break mine since it cost me about $110 from

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