I’ll say it, she’s a fat one.

The Glock 30 and 30SF are using the same slide as the original .45 and 10mm, which are very fat. I have what I say are normal sized hands, which aren’t dainty or huge. The Glock 9mms and .40s all feel perfect to me, but the 10mms and .45s feel like holding an actual 2×4 or a brick.

Therefore, the Glock 30 is pretty uncomfortable in my hand and I would have never carried it-until now. The Glock 30SF has a slightly smaller/thinner profile in the grip an a reduced length from the backstrap to the trigger. This being said you would think it’s a perfect gun to carry everyday with it have 10 rounds of .45 in a compact design. That would make since, but she’s a fatty. The slide on this G30SF is very wide and heavy and almost seems ridiculous. Especially when you look at the G30S, which in essence uses the same slide as the G36-thinner.

Glock 36 vs Glock 30SF Slide



My opinion-get the G30S. If you live in California, buy both the G30SF and G36 and marry them together like I did (Frankenstein’s Glock 30S)IMG_3889