We’ve all seen those Glocks with the weird texture on the frame, which is called stippling.  This is done by using a wood burner of soldering iron to basically burn small indentations in the polymer of the Glock frame.  This causes the polymer to melt and form around the shape of the burner or iron tip.

This can significantly improve the gripping capabilities on the Glock especially if the grip becomes wet or your hands are sweaty.

I decided to try this method on a Glock 26 Gen 3.  Below are before and after shots.


This process if fairly easy, but it’s time consuming.  The only down fall is that as soon as you stick the iron tip on the polymer frame you void all warranty and render the gun defective as far as Glock is concerned.  I like the feeling of the texture, but honestly I prefer the texture and the smaller grip size of the Gen 4s.