Carrying a handgun on your ankle is not for everyone and not for every situation.  There are times when you can’t carry your gun IWB or in any other type of holster.  An ankle holster is meant to be worn on the ankle on your weak side for draw with your strong hand. 

To wear an ankle holster you must have pants that are both long enough and loose fitting.  This will allow for easy access to the gun and will keep you from displaying your ankle rig through your pants. 

Another important point is that the holster needs to be comfortable while its being worn.  I’ve tried at least 4 brands of ankle holsters for my Glock.  I’ve used DeSantis, Galco, Uncle Mikes, and Fobus.  I’ve purchased the appropriate models for my G26, G42, and G43.  I

’ve worn them all day long and with all three, the Galco Ankle Glove is the only one that I still use.  The other brands are so uncomfortable that I could hardly walk after just a couple hours.  The Glock Ankle Glove is both very comfortable on my ankle and the holster doesn’t print on my pants as much as the other brands. 

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