Ok so we in California are not smart enough to not accidentally hurt ourselves or someone else, so we can’t buy a Glock 30S.  If a gun is not on a special Department of Justice approved list, then we can’t buy them.  This list only has Gen 3 Glock models 39 and below.  We cannot buy Gen 4s or a 40, 41, 42, 43, or anything made after a certain year that has not been approved by our loving government.  The G30S was made after this point and is not available for sale in California.  There’s one way for us in our famous state to get one of these beauties.  It’s referred to as the Glock 30S Frankenstein. 

Simply put the Glock 30S is a 10 round compact Glock 30SF with a slim slide.  It’s the same slide as on the G36 with the same frame as the G30SF (Short Frame).  The problem with the G30SF is that the slide is so dang fat (wide) and heavy.  A slimmer slide would make it perfect.  With this Glock introduced the G30S. 

How I Did It
Glock 36:30S

I purchased a G36 years ago and one day decided that I would try one of those grip reduction projects to make it fit my small chubby hands better.  It worked ok, but then I got greedy and wanted it a little slimmer just under the beavertail.  This is where the problems started.


I took off too much polymer material and exposed the inside of the frame just barely enough to see daylight through a small crack.  This broke my heart, but at the same time gave me a spare G36 slide and parts.  So I decided that I would buy a G30SF and put the slide from my G36 on it.  I researched it and found that this was going to work. 

After all was said and done, the Frankenstein G30S functions flawlessly and is a great shooting pistol.  When I first purchased the G30SF with its fat and heavy slide the gun weighted so much that it was depressing.  Now with the thinner G36 slide on the G30SF frame, the gun feel so much lighter and is so much more comfortable to carry.