My journey to build a competitive Glock 35 started with my first USPSA match.  I decided that I would like to compete in these shooting matches because I believe that they are great training for real life shooting possibilities.
My G35 started out as a G22 Gen 4.  I purchased a complete Gen 4 G35 slide, barrel, and spring assembly from ebay.  This slide luckily fits and functions flawlessly.

I added a Kensight adjustable rear sight and an AmeriGlo suppressor hight front sight.  
Next was a ZEV Fulcrum Ultimate trigger system which included polished internals as well.  
This reduced my trigger lbs to almost nothing.  Actually, the gun started off at about 5.7 lbs and now is at about 3.35 lbs.  A ZEV extended magazine release that is made of metal is a real nice touch.

A ZEV low profile magwell was one of the last additions which fits so well on the gun, I would almost consider it for many personal defense guns.

My one concern about this gun now is that after shooting it with the reduced trigger pull, when I switch to another Glock like my G19, it feels like the trigger is broke or that it’s not gonna fire. The difference in trigger pull is amazing.

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